Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A nice interview, a nice chef

Today was a good and bad day.
I had a great interview with a bright, young, talented, shy pastry chef who was willing to actually have an *interview*
She told me about her, she told me about the restaurant, she asked me intelligent questions.
She told me I was overqualified. Which I am.
I told her about me, about my desserts, about my life and about what I want.

The consensus is a stage, but I am sad.
I am overqualified, but my resume is underfull.
I have no formal training and not enough experience in the past ten years to put on paper.
So I work now as a chef as the entire pastry dept. is my responsibility. Shopping, ordering, costing, planning menus, etc.
But I don't qualify to work as a chef or a cook for anyone else -- at least based on the lack of resume response.
I qualify to work as an assistant for piss poor money and would take these jobs if I could afford to.
That's the bad. What I want to do, what I aim to do, I can't make enough money at.

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