Friday, July 27, 2007

And again...

A call back!
On a PC job, not a PAsst. Thank the gods.
And then...
"are you sure this is the job you're looking for?"
"you seem a bit overqualified for this"
"this is an entry level job for 24 hours a week at $10 per hour..."
Hold on.
Ad reads "self-motivated, organized, 1 to 3 years experience, PASTRY COOK"
"this is really a job for a young person, looking to enter the market"
-- TRANSLATION: If you are old enough have a mortgage, this ain't the job for you

Excuse me for the utterly whitebread question, but do people actually take $10 an hour jobs and live somewhere other than their parents house or a car? How does one person survive on less than $1500 a month in an urban area?

Maybe she's right, maybe I'm too old

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