Friday, July 20, 2007

Job Hunt Stats so far

Four resumes sent out to date.
First (for pa) -- got the call, had a 14 minute interview with the cdc, scheduled a tryout, did it, waiting

Resume #2 (for pch) no response

Resume #3 (for pa) -- got the call, scheduled the interview, interested

Resume #4 (for pc) no response

Ah the waiting game.

The tryout was fun -- different environment that what I'm used to and majorly professional. (What I wouldn't give on any given day for there NOT to be staff talking all around me when I try to bake.)
Definitely people I could wear my jeans and all my earrings around (yeay!)
Not sure how I fit, not sure I want a pa job -- depends on what it pays these days and what the schedule is.
Cdc didn't tell me until the interview it was p/t, but that could work out so I can keep creative influence at the current place.
And on it goes...

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