Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Okay I did it -- the letter is sent

We've decided that the best way to debut the baked goods is to participate with the local farmers markets.
So after talking to the local market manager, we've decided to go for it.
I sent the letter in today.

Here are the highlights:
baked goods made with ONLY organic local and fair trade ingredients
Miniature fruit bread loaves in flavors such as banana, fig, date/walnut, lemon ginger, carrot raisin, pumpkin, etc.
Ready to eat cookies baked at market in flavors such as chocolate chip, double chocolate “craisin”, oatmeal raisin, snicker doodles, etc. (one flavor per week initially) with a tub of cookie dough available to take and bake or freeze.

products that have made a positive showing at the restaurant:
fruit sauce, a customer favorite
Organic freshly made mascarpone and creme fraiche
Take and bake desserts
Local organic chutney or marmalade – one flavor each week, such as stone fruit, apricot, tomato, Seville orange, etc. -- using fruits from market purveyors only.
Olives marinated and spiced in-house.

Whaddaya all think?

It's semi official

I now have a website for the bakery.
But if I told ya...

Phew. Nerves blinking like butterflies.

This is the right thing, yes?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Next step

I'm going to do it.
I've talked it over with Handsome and decided to take my wares into the retail market. Why not?
There isn't really a baker that does organic in this part of the county. Why not?
I could start local. Why not?
It could be independent income. Why not?
It could be fun. Why not?
The plan is starting. Let's see how it goes...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Okay, so it's taken me a bit to get back here

And yes, it had to do with the stage.
The chef was wonderful, the kitchen a great place to be and...

it lasted less than an hour.
I got a sitdown convo in the dining room about why the hell was I doing a stage as a pastry cook assistant.
She asked me to come back when I knew what I was doing but that I "should be in my own kitchen, not working for someone else"
We talked about maybe a hotel job... and then I left.

I treated myself to breakfast at Boulette's with Blue Bottle coffee, sweets and misery. Went to the farmers market. And then sulked for a few days.
Then, I applied to a hotel chain. Got an interview. And realized that that wasn't it either. Some complications about travel, commute, relationship and it just wasn't even worth hearing their offer. I dreamed about what that future might be and then let it go.

I'm going to spend some time thinking, and then talk it over with Handsome, and we'll see where it goes.