Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Good desserts!

We went to Bix for the notsoyoungone's birthday. nsyo used to want whole cracked crab every year, but has grown out of that a tad and now wants other things (Yay!)
So I pick each year and off we go to a new adventure. Bix was chosen as fancy enough for her to dress up for with a menu that we could all eat from (one mod adventurous omni, one ovolactoveg, one nottoospicyplease) and I can say the drinks are what you gotta go for.
The appetizers are yummy, the first courses fun -- the tartare a must do if you haven't before, and the main courses and sides are just not worth it. Stick with more apps and move on to dessert....

You see, I now developing a bit of a rep for going to restaurants and ordering all the desserts (or at least MOST of the desserts) on the menu. Not to eat every drop, but to be able to see, experience and TASTE all of them.
And Bix had an impressively fun selection with just the names! (and I get the impression the menu doesn't change often): Warm Chocolate Brioche Bread Pudding, Organic Strawberry Napoleon with Bellwether Farms Ricotta and Toasted Filo Layers, Bananas Foster with Dark Rum and Vanilla Ice Cream, Little Ice Cream Sandwiches, and House Spun Lemon Ice Cream with Wild Huckleberries. Okay, so we skipped to Sorbet of the day... and they were all at least okay. The Pudding was the least fav, Handsome went for the Napoleon and Ice Cream Sandwiches, the NYSA went for the bananas so shucks, I was left with the lemon ice cream. Tangy, bright, fresh, and creamy. Everything lemon ice cream should be. I think there are some extras in the walkin I could play with...

Gotta love the inspiration wherever it comes from!

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