Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Taking oneself seriously...

does not require one to be overly serious.

Food is my primary profession now -- it is how I express my joy to the rest of the world. Cooking my food is my art, if I let myself be that bold. And it's how I get food on the table as well. So it's all about the food.

So to go along with this committment, I need an outlet to play and this be it for now. Perhaps public sometime, now it's just ruminations for the audience of one. A place to talk about what I do, where I do it, who I encounter and how it affects me.

The first subject matter is presentation.
Very recently, a certain small glass case was purchased to show off my daily wares at the front of the house. It's basically a petite cake plate on a stem that will definitely show off a housemade sweet.No pressure there.

First off, it is supposed to house a dessert that changes everyday. Houserules -- no daily dessert for more than three days in a row, at least 14 different desserts each month.
Secondly, it's GOTTA look fresh or no one will buy it.
Thirdly, it's all in the details. And honestly, I get that this is going to keep me in a place of making sure I'm happy with the dessert. Cuz if I'm not it ain't gonna be comfy having it on display.
What do I do if I wanna do a trifle in a stemmed glass? Are people gonna get used to seeing the dessert and miss it if it disappears? Or not order it ahead of time..

Because, you see, underneath all of this is insecurity. I don't always (usually) think my stuff is good enough. I get raves from suburban customers and most people at least enjoy them... but, you know they never look... perfect.

For me, less than classically trained, working in a small, small kitchen with less than ideal temperature conditions, less than commercial equipment, and a lot of trial and error, picture perfect is almost impossible.

Honestly, whimsically, it would be interesting to see what Torres or Faulkner could get out of my kitchen and equipment. Might prove to me whether or not I need to get an internship as my next gig... But somewhere in here, I think it has to do with my
faith in me.

So, we'll see what comes out of this experiement I'm calling Life.
I hope y'all enjoy the adventure as much as me.

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