Sunday, January 6, 2008

It was SUNNY!

My goodness but I needed the sun today.
First day at the new marketplace and I prepped for lots of rain.
Got lots of sun and SOLD OUT. Woot. Can't tell you how good that feels. Being out there talking to people is one thing that makes me happy. Doing it in the sun when it isn't too hot or to cold is another happy. With my handsome? Three. When they ALL buy something!!! Definite four. Yum.

Here's the menu:

Flourless Chocolate Almond Torte (gluten free)
Spiced Pear Almond Upside Down Cake
Lemon Mascarpone Mousse
Orange Clove Bread
Butter Pecan Bread
Creme Fraiche Currant Scones
Breakfast Bars
Butterscotch Brownies
Roasted Peanut Fudge Cookies

Whaddya think?

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