Sunday, November 18, 2007

I don't really know where to start

the last four weeks have been a huge huge blur.
The first market was pretty cool. Very local small town feel. Lots of regulars from the little place came by in support. Majorly cool.

The second was totally different. Lots of people a bit more upscale suburban feel.
However, both were quite cold. Lovely October.

The reception of my product line is better than tepid -- not redhot. Somewhere in between. A couple of products have hit a hot button. Others I'm going to have to tweak. I get the feeling that organic pastry is an education...

Some people think it's going to take like whole wheat flaxseed seven grain no sugar added bread. It's not whole grain (usually). It's not "good for you". It's just better for you that fully refined bleached sugar and finely processed cake flour.

I think I can do this. I just have to relax and breathe...

The relationship stuff that goes along with it is a different story. With all the stress it feels like I just can't say or do anything that isn't in the wrong tone or with the wrong words. Especially to handsome.
It's a royal B (or does that mean I am) that we treat those we love the most the worst at times.

I can only hope it continues to get better.

Recipes used:
Brown Sugar Zucchini Bread
Thumbprint cookies: coconut with ginger jam, pecans with blueberry jam, walnuts with fig jam.
Roasted Peanut Fudge Cookies
Brown Sugar Walnut Cookies
Double Chocolate Hazelnut with Cranberries
Cranberry Orange Bread
Maple Drop Cookies
Persimmon Cookies
Pumpkin Cookies
Applesauce Bread
Persimmon Pecan Bread
Citron Bread
Cinnamon Tangerine Bread
Almond Plum Oat Bread
Molasses Bars
Currant Scones

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