Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Okay, so it's taken me a bit to get back here

And yes, it had to do with the stage.
The chef was wonderful, the kitchen a great place to be and...

it lasted less than an hour.
I got a sitdown convo in the dining room about why the hell was I doing a stage as a pastry cook assistant.
She asked me to come back when I knew what I was doing but that I "should be in my own kitchen, not working for someone else"
We talked about maybe a hotel job... and then I left.

I treated myself to breakfast at Boulette's with Blue Bottle coffee, sweets and misery. Went to the farmers market. And then sulked for a few days.
Then, I applied to a hotel chain. Got an interview. And realized that that wasn't it either. Some complications about travel, commute, relationship and it just wasn't even worth hearing their offer. I dreamed about what that future might be and then let it go.

I'm going to spend some time thinking, and then talk it over with Handsome, and we'll see where it goes.

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