Sunday, October 14, 2007

We went, we saw, we...

The meeting was interesting. We got there on time after every single calamity you can think of. I'm not kidding. The oven temp wouldn't regulate, a full sheet of fresh cookies fell off the prep table, one tray got put down too hard on top of another, the thrid recipe of tea cookies worked fine for me but not my asst. so we had pan of cooked dough. It was a mess. I don't even have the energy to contemplate how much it cost in dollars, let alone that energy.
But we did it.
And in the middle, handsome sez we can be ready for showtime in two weeks.
{in my head... Two weeks! Okay. Two weeks. it's 12 days to the next market. Do I get that or the 19 to the one after that. How do I take back what he just said. Is he CRAZY!!! I'm the baker and 12 days is not enough. 19 barely. okay, I'll agree to two weeks and mean two and a half. Two and a half!?!?! shta!!!!!}
But at the end, they said they'd let us know in a couple days. And look. We did it.
We got through it. Maybe they'll still like us in 6 months. Phew.
And now...

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